An e-Auction is a procurement tool using web-based software that allows suppliers to bid online for the opportunity to win a contract. Suppliers compete with each other by reducing the cost of their goods or services in order to win the business being offered by the buyer. Successful e-auctions allow buying organisations to identify the lowest sustainable prices/best value that suppliers are willing to offer for their goods or services.

e-Auctions can be used to determine the true market price for the goods or services being contracted. Buyers have been able to make significant savings of well over 20% against previous prices.

Our Service and Expertise

Our Sourcing Event Centre (SEC) is structured to provide our clients with the appropriate mix of e-auction event management expertise, event set and support, combined with on-demand category expertise of the product/service to be auctioned. The SEC, as it suggests, supports a broader proposition and range of sourcing event types including Requests for Information (RFI), requests for Quotations and Invitations to Tender.

Clearview offer a range of eAuction services:
  • Managed Events
  • Supported Events
Our eAuction platform covers:
  • Multiple bidding formats
  • Fully configurable events
  • Secure hosted environment
  • EU directive compliant


At Clearview we have delivered eAuctions across multiple categories and commodities. Some examples and savings include….
  • IT equipment (9%)
  • Office Consumables (33%)
  • Office Paper (27%)
  • Stationery (47%)
  • Telecommunication & Mobile (15%)
  • Car leasing (9%)
  •  Advertising (21%)
  • Print products and services (15-20%)
  • Buildings and infrastructure (24%)
  • Building refurbishments and construction (15%)
  • Furniture and products for offices, schools, hospitals (15–22%)
  • Office furniture (20%)
  • Packaging (10%)
  • Measuring tools
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Memory (39%)


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