Energy / Utilities

Energy / Utilities

The Oil and Gas industry will grow at 19% CAGR through 2024. Building and maintaining infrastructure, sustainability and digital technology incorporation are the industry’s highest priorities. The US will see most growth through 2024 (due to self-reliance on natural gas) even surpassing Russia. Plants must meet government environmental regulations, while also identifying a metric-measuring, effective efficiency operation, increasing the life of mature sites and ensuring plants are dependable and sustainable.

The role of The Clearview Group

Cost Reduction is the priority in this industry with efforts afoot to build on savings already delivered. Physically locating procurement functions close to internal customers to understand stakeholder requirements and ensure planning for and capture of value is a high industry requirement.

While some Energy companies have a digital procurement strategy to deliver on  procurement objectives, many have a piecemeal or inadequate digital procurement strategy. The largest barrier to implementation of digital technology is quality of data.

Clearview currently leads an international energy company’s procurement function through our onsite managed service. As lead procurement business partner, we managed all procurement activity across every expenditure category delivering breakthrough results. Our activities included category planning, strategic sourcing, tender management, contracting, implementation and ongoing management of suppliers and categories.

Our team is responsible for supplier management activities, achieving significant value targets including savings, compliance, risk, and efficiency.

Our portfolio also includes a long term engagement with a large resources company. Clearview led a procurement diagnostic and transformation programme across all lines of business for the forestry business. Our team was responsible for the category strategy development for all of Forestry, while also providing a managed procurement service. 

Clearview also delivered a 22-module strategic procurement and category manager upskilling programme.