Procurement Upskilling

Today's world is characterised by an unprecedented degree of volatility and change. And in business, as in life, being prepared can become your greatest strength.

Through our own on the ground experience, market surveys, and industry networks, we report that many organisations are ill equipped to deliver on their objectives. We believe this is due to a lack of preparation and an inability, or apparent reluctance, to invest in the development of strong fundamental procurement skills.

There is no doubt that investment in developing best practice skills will deliver better outcomes and value – high performing organisations with high performing procurement functions are doing just that. Deloitte reports that the top performers are spending twice that of other organisations, with 4% of their overall budget being allocated to skills development.

At Clearview we have been engaged by some of the largest organisations and largest procurement functions to build that capability. We worked alongside Ireland’s Office of Government Procurement to train their 150+ new recruits in strategic procurement and public procurement. The HSE, Ireland’s Health Service similarly requested us to upskill their team on our 8-day Certificate in Public Procurement. As we supported Coillte and An Post on their Procurement Transformation journey, we designed and delivered Strategic Procurement and Category Management programmes contributing to their National Procurement Award successes. We recently completed a strategic procurement training programme for Vhi, Ireland’s largest Health Insurer and an emerging Health provider, and 100+ of their key staff.

We offer an array of procurement skills and development capabilities ranging from skills, to certificate courses, long-term programmes, to bespoke training options, to person mentoring and coaching.


  • Role-based skills geared towards all levels and roles within the Procurement Function
  • Self and interview based
  • Enables creation of individual and team procurement development plans

Strategic Procurement Programme

  • 22 full 1-day module course
  • Addresses all stages from procurement planning, procurement cycle from category planning through management and ordering
  • Incorporates modules focused on procurement enablers including systems, governance, and key stakeholders
  • Applicable to all levels within the procurement function and key business contributors
  • Classroom based with interactive discussion and exercises
  • Courses can also be packaged into smaller packages of courses


  • Facilitated sessions collaborating with key representatives from Procurement and the Business. Pre-work and analysis required in conjunction with work or home-based exercises
  • Category Hierarchy – develop or change your organisations category hierarchy
  • Category Scoping & Planning – scope out your category and through data gathering, and analysis start to shape key strategies and priorities within the category
  • Supplier Segmentation

Bespoke Training

  • Develop and deliver bespoke procurement courses tailored for your organisation’s needs.

Public Procurement Certificate

  • 8-day ICM accredited certificate in Public Procurement
  • Comprehensive introduction to Procurement for Public Sector executives
  • Focuses on procurement strategy, law, regulations and key procedures and activities
  • Delivered in line with Irish and EU directives and legislation
  • Accreditation includes attendance, course work, continuous and a final examination


  • Focus assistance with an individual or team to provide targeted assistance on a procurement challenge with clear outcomes.


  • Guide the Head of Procurement or senior executive through complex procurement issues.

Other various 1- or 2-day Courses include:

  • Introduction to Strategic Procurement
  • Public Procurement – The Essentials
  • Procurement for IT

Over the years, we have...

  • Trained and certified 300+ public sector staff in Strategic Procurement
  • Trained all 200+ central procurement staff responsible for €17B annual spend

A few words from David

In this piece David discusses the need for procurement skills development at all levels within organisations, from the CEO, to the Procurement function, to those in the business with requirements and managing supplier relationships. He describes the array of services on offer to set the baseline of fundamental awareness of Procurement to other more strategic, long-lasting interventions to support and drive towards corporate objectives.

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